UWG VISTA Migration Team


All USG schools, including UWG, are migrating to a University System of Georgia's central WebCT Vista server by January 2007. Originally, in 2003, the VMT's charge was to look at the issues of migration to Vista and to recommend the university's position on the issue. In Spring 2006, the Univsersity was faced with the decision to either proceed with migration or fund a separate license and other expenses related to running the soon-to-be-extinct WebCT Campus Edition.

Now that the day has come to migrate, for successful and efficient migration and implementation of VISTA , we will need the input and support from stakeholders across campus.  For this reason, the Distance and Distributed Education Center asks that various representatives across campus please join the UWG VISTA Migration Team. In addition to IT support representatives and other applicable staff, we ask that the team include a point-of-contact for every department on campus using WebCT.

Currently, the University's timeline to use Vista is as follows: (this may change by department):

Summer 06 - all COE depts; Math dept, Philosophy, Nursing

Fall 06 - all COB depts, Mass Comm

Spring 07 - remaining A&S Depts

The VISTA Migration Team will also help decide certain server settings, roles and permissions at various levels, policies and procedures. The Team members will be key to communication across campus; they will recommend ways in which we can best train and support faculty and students.

 The previous VISTA Migration Team included:

  1. Melanie Clay, DDEC
  2. Stacey Rowland, DDEC
  3. Janet Gubbins, DDEC
  4. Christy Talley, DDEC
  5. Chris Fearrington, DDEC
  6. Kathy Kral, ITS
  7. Madison Bryan, ITS
  8. IT rep from College of Arts & Sciences – Dale Driver
  9. IT rep from College of Education – Jim Rubino
  10. IT rep from College of Business –Diane Williamson
  11. faculty – Dr. Bennett, MIT
  12. faculty, UTO – Dr. Lloyd, CS
  13. faculty – Dr. Goodson, Library
  14. faculty – Dr. Crafton, ENGL
  15. faculty – Mary O’Neill, NURS
  16. Library – Chris Huff, Library
  17. CS dept IT rep- Alex Young, CS
  18. Registrar - Bonnie Stevens
  19. faculty - Jeff Rooks, MIS
  20. faculty - Liz Runyan, MIS
  21. faculty - Dr. Alexa North, BUSED
  22. faculty - Dr. Sunil Hazari, BUSED
  23. faculty- Dr Bill Vinson, LIBR
  24. faculty- Dr Joe Huff, BIOL
  25. faculty- Dr Don Rice, PSYCH
  26. faculty- Dr. Janet Goodman, SPED & SLPA
  27. faculty- Dr. Stan Caress, POLS
  28. faculty- Dr. Jay Alberg, PHIL
  29. faculty- Dr. Abbot Packard, ELPS

Later, additional sub-committee members will join the primary team, as needed.

Members, Meeting Summaries & Documentation, Prior to Spring 2006 Implementation

Last updated March 31, 2006 by Janet Gubbins of the DDEC