WebCT: Vital Info on Personal Firewalls  
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WebCT uses unique ports that often cause conflicts with network security devices known as firewalls. It is often neccesary to change the settings of a firewall to allow access to WebCT classes.

Personal Firewall

Many broadband internet users now have a firewall on their home connection. Many home routers have firewalls built-in, but most users have a software firewall. The most common is Zone Alarm. Zone Alarm causes problems with WebCT because it blocks the network ports that WebCT uses. It can also cause a problem because it doubles as a content filter. Zone Alarm can prevent javascript or java applets on websites from working on your browser. WebCT uses both javascript and java for a number of its tools.

Here are some quick instructions on how to configure Zone Alarm with WebCT. If you use a different firewall, you will find the same settings on your version.

Open the Zone Alarm control panel. You can double click on the ZA icon in the system tray.

Main Zone Alarm Controls

Click on Firewall on the left side, and make sure the Trusted Zone Security is set to Medium.

Firewall Settings

Click on the Zones tab at the top. You will need to add the WebCT Server to the trusted sites list.

Click Add>> to add a new site.

Zones settings

Change the Zone to Trusted.

For WebCT:

Host Name: webct.westga.edu

Click OK.

To avoid content blocking issues, Click on Privacy and make sure Cookie Control, Add Blocking and Mobile Code Control are set to OFF.

This can prevent you from using discussions and e-mail in WebCT

Privacy settings

If you click Custon for the Mobile Code Control, make sure all three boxes are NOT checked.

Click OK

mobile code settings

This should complete your settings. Make sure you save the settings when you close the program. If you continue to have problems, you should disable or uninstall zone alarm to see if you can access the course without it.

We do not support Zone Alarm. If you have questions about using it, you will want to contact the software manufacturer.