Popup Blockers and WebCT


Those annoying ads

PopUp blocking software is getting more and more popular these days. Many websites use popups to make money. These popups are quite annoying, so many people install programs that will block popups from opening. This seems like a great idea, but these programs often block useful javascripts too.

WebCT is an example of a beneficial implementation of Javascript. The quizzes you take, the mail and discussions you post to all use javascript the same way that popup ads do. When you have popup blocking software installed, you may not be able to access your quizzes, or class work.

What to do?

Many pop-up programs will let you temporarily disable them by clicking on the System Tray Icon.(see images to the right) You can right click on them to disable and re-enable them later.

Some programs require that you remove them. Some of these programs, like E-Anthology/ Stop-Sign, are often installed by file sharing programs like Kaaza or Bear Share. You may want to remove them anyway, since they are using your system resources.

Remove the programs:

If you want to remove one of these programs instead of disabling it, you can remove it using Windows' Add/Remove Program tool. Here's how.

  • Click on the Start Button > Settings > Control Panels > Add/Remove Programs
  • Look for the name of the program installed (i.e. AdFilter)
  • Select the program name and click Remove
  • Follow any instructions you are given, then close the Control Panels

Now you're ready to log back in to WebCT and take that quiz, aren't you?

List of Programs:

Pop-up stopper
E-Anthology Manager
PopUp Killer
AD Popup Killer
No Popup
Pop-Up Defense
AdVice Popup Ad Eliminator
PopSmarts Popup Killer
Window Cleaner
Ad Fighter
AdDelete Lite
popup Go Away
plus many more....


These are some images of  ad filtering software that shows up in the system tray. Use your right mouse button to click on them and disable them.

Ad Filter Icon

Popup Stopper Icon

E-anthology Icon

formatting image
A special thanks to Portland Community College