If you have Pop-Up stopper installed, you might already see the Pop-Up Stopper Pro toolbar directly above the arrow to the left in your Internet Explorer browser.

Pop-Up Stopper Pro Internet Explorer Toolbar

If you don't see the toolbar... look for it....

If the toolbar does not appear, please select the View menu, then select Toolbars and select the Panicware Pop-Up Stopper Pro menu entry.  The toolbar may now appear.

Select the Pop-Up Stopper Pro toolbar from the menu.

If you STILL don't see it... troubleshoot...

Please note that under certain versions of Internet Explorer, there are bugs in the way in which toolbars are handled.

If you do not see the Pop-Up Stopper Pro toolbar listed, and you are using Internet Explorer 5.0, it may be listed as "Radio".   There will typically be two or more menu options entitled "Radio" in this case.   Simply select each one until the Pop-Up Stopper Pro toolbar appears.

If you are using Internet Explorer 6.x, toolbars are often represented by a blank line in the menu.    Simply select the blank item and the toolbar should appear.

Internet Explorer 6.x users also need to make sure that the "Enable third-party browser extensions" option is checked.  This option can be found under the Tools->Internet Options... menu.   Remember to restart your browser (open/close) if this option is not checked!

If you DO find the Pop-Up Stopper.. Here's how to turn it off...

If you find it on your IE toolbar, click directly on the icon to "turn it off".